A Full Day Rally Skills course

– View images here: A Full Day Rally Skills course

Forget everything your driving instructor ever taught you. Rally driving is all about slamming the steering wheel, heaving the handbrake and taking those corners at a skid. For fast and furious excitement, it’s hard to beat. You’ll be amazed by the techniques used in rallying – the car seems to be permanently skidding, but actually it’s under control (more or less!). You’ll start your day with an introductory briefing from your instructor and then it’s time to get behind the wheel for some practice sessions – you’ll learn techniques such as hand brake turns and controlled opposite lock slides. Re-charge your batteries with a full lunch and then it’s back to the rally car for more driving and your big chance to put your new found skills into practice! Many of our courses have loose surface stages – which means much more sliding, and much more fun! What’s more, we only use the best rally schools which have the latest equipment (such as headphones in your helmet, so you can clearly hear what’s going on). The cars you will drive will vary according to the location.

– View images here: A Full Day Rally Skills course


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