Driving Experiences – Supersprint Rally Driving Experience

– View images here: Driving Experiences – Supersprint Rally Driving Experience

With the popular Supersprint Driving Experience you can choose either a Subaru WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to drive on the special stages. Find out your chosen car’s strengths and weaknesses and see if it suits your driving style. You will learn basic rally driving techniques to suit the car and the rally stage surface. You will be able to put the car through it’s paces to test the level of under steer, grip, acceleration and braking.

You can try your favorite by coming along and experiencing this great value driving experience, pick your favourite, either a Subaru Impreza WRX Sti or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and try it on one of the special stages.

There are fixed pelter intercoms in the helmets, which means the instructors do not have to give any out of car tuition, enabling the pupils to enjoy among the most driving time of all rally schools. All tuition takes place in the car.

It is the height/weight ratio which is important. For instance, a participant who is tall at 6ft 3″ and of medium build for their height will fit in car. Also a participant who is small in height but of big build will also fit in car. A problem can arise when the participant is very tall (over 6ft 3″) and of big build. Participants need to be full licence holders. The length of time that the licence has been held for is not relevant. All full licence holders are covered under the insurance.

Available at the following 3 locations;

Tong, West Yorkshire – An incredible and authentic full forest stage
Twyford Wood, Lincolnshire – A National Championship stage set within a wood
Enstone, Oxfordshire – An open airfield,great for testing the cars to their limits

Please allow approx 1. 5 hours at the venue for this driving experience (morning or afternoon). This will include your registration, safety briefings and 1 x driving session.

Refreshments are unlimited and free for drivers, small charge is made for spectators

– View images here: Driving Experiences – Supersprint Rally Driving Experience


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